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  • It all starts with steel wires

    The business of drawing of steel wires and generic products of metal small parts starts. The business is located in the Laorca district of Lecco, where the waters of the Gerenzone stream were used to feed the stream for the first rudimentary processing plants.

  • Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti is born

    Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti S.p.A. established itself in 1938 at Calolziocorte. Later on, the Company combined traditional wire processing with steel strip cold rolling. In addition, industrial production specialised in the production of nautical and mountaineering small parts and carabiners.

  • S.p.A. is established

    The company specializes in the cold rolling of carbon steel strips.

  • ITLA S.r.l. is established

    ITLA S.r.l. starts operating: the company's core business is the cold rolling of high carbon and alloy steel strips.

  • The first production cluster

    Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti, ITLA and, together with a small group of companies from Lecco, found Delna S.p.A. The Company will be responsible for the pickling of coils and wire rod and the slitting of steel strips.

  • ITLA enters the Falck Universe

    ITLA is acquired by the Group Falck, a historic Italian company in the steel industry.

  • Bonaiti inaugurates the Palazzago plant

    Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti joins the historical headquarters of Calolziocorte with a new factory in the province of Bergamo. The Palazzago plant will allow the development of industrial processes, increasing the quantity and quality of production.

  • ITLA in the CLN Group

    ITLA is acquired by CLN and

  • ITLA acquires Tognetti S.p.A.

    ITLA acquires the company branch Tognetti S.p.A., a company specialized in the production of automatic, lead and sulphur cold rolled steel strips, and also low carbon strips.

  • ITLA Production Grows

    ITLA acquires the Rizzato Nastri S.p.A. business unit. The company increases its production capacity and extends its production range: thinner high carbon thicknesses and innovative lamination technologies such as Sendzimir are introduced.

  • ITLA Bonaiti S.r.l. is established

    On September 1, 2017 ITLA Bonaiti S.r.l. is founded. The company, born from the joint venture between two companies historically present on the market, becomes the first Italian producer of high carbon cold-rolled steels.

  • ITLA Bonaiti grows

    On 1 January ITLA Bonaiti acquires the cold rolling company branch of the Civate plant from ArcelorMittal CLN, bringing together all the group's production facilities specialising in cold rolling of special steels.